Councils of Advocates

The School of Music has begun to establish what we call “Councils of Advocacy” throughout the United States. A COA is a geographical “cluster” of school of music alumni, parents, and friends who are interested in maintaining their connection to Ithaca, establishing local community with each other, and serving as ambassadors for the school in the places where they live. Currently, we have established or initiated COA’s in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, Denver/Boulder, Minneapolis, and Chicago. We are continuing to develop COA’s across the nation in an effort to help students in all 50 states know about our school, its programs, and our accomplished alumni.

The mission of the Council of Advocates is to transform awareness of the School of Music from the regional level to the national level.

Fully implemented on a national level, the Council of Advocates will play a key role in helping the School of Music achieve "household name" status among American music schools. Strategically selected local councils will operate in a focused, targeted way to influence their city and region. Effective practices might include:

  • Networking and connecting parents of current or former students, alumni, potential students, public school and private music programs and music teachers in the targeted geographical area.
  • Providing the Dean with input on how the school is perceived in the geographical area. Is there awareness of the school? How is it perceived or categorized as compared with other schools of music drawing students from that area? What are the things that would advance the perception or awareness of the school in that region?
  • Hosting or co-sponsoring small receptions for interested families and students during the audition season. Helping gather participants for local receptions at events like TMEA or other regional conferences.
  • Assisting with the fund raising effort by connecting the Dean with supporters of the arts in their area who embrace the vision of the school and have the means to help support it.


We can provide faculty guest conductors and master clinicians for honors, regional and all-state ensembles. Ithaca College faculty are provided with significant travel funding for professional enrichment, so don’t let distance stop you from suggesting one of these incredibly talented folks when you see the need in your districts and regions. Often, we’re already in your neighborhood.

  • Faculty presenters, lecturers and workshop leaders can provide in-service workshops for music educators that are interesting, relevant and creative
  • Our faculty can be ideal "objective" evaluators for contests and competitions because of the absence of ties to the region. When you need an objective outside opinion, think of us.
  • We can help you link with other alumni in your area.
  • We are working to increase opportunities for both student internships and student teaching placements in Texas, California, Colorado, and other states. If you see a significant opportunity for gathering and strengthening ties with your Ithaca colleagues and connecting you to the campus, let us know. We can send you student teachers and interns that, I can promise, will be of extremely high quality, well-prepared, and ready to go.
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