The Ithaca College Center for Music is committed to keeping students healthy and balanced in their busy lives as music students. In conjunction with departments across campus, we offer various programs and services.


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Mike Costello, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy and the Performing Arts Clinic (within the Occupational and Physical Therapy Department) will be available for consultation regarding any sort of musculoskeletal ache or pain. The clinic assists all performers in determining best next steps. Should you see a doctor? Are there exercises that can help? Is there a potential for serious injury? Helpful prevention ideas and self-help tips are also reviewed. 

The Performing Arts Walk-in Clinic will be held on the 4th floor of CHS on Thursdays between 10AM and noon. Performers can come to the clinic to receive an evaluation of performance-limiting pain conditions and get suggestions for self-management and recommendations for further treatment as needed. This is not intended to be in depth, repeated ("regular") physical therapy.

For "regular" Physical Therapy, please come to the clinic on Wednesdays from 1:00-2:50 During Block I, and Wednesdays from 1:00-2:50 and 5:00-6:50 during Block II. Anyone seeking treatment in this format should call the ICPT Clinic at 607-274-3740 or email at to schedule an appointment. 


Audiology services are provided free of charge to all Center for Music students, by the on-campus Sir Alexander Ewing Speech and Hearing Clinic. Services include baseline hearing evaluations as well as annual screenings or evaluations to monitor the status of the auditory system. The results of annual hearing tests are confidentially kept in the clinic and used for comparison of hearing sensitivity from year to year. Consultations regarding proper hearing protection are also available upon request. The Sir Alexander Ewing Speech and Hearing Clinic operates in conjunction with the Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology to provide intervention for individuals suspected of having or demonstrating communication disorders. The clinic is located on the second floor of Smiddy Hall and includes two sound suites with adjoining control room, and several therapy and diagnostic rooms.

For specific, detailed information on hearing health, neuromusculoskeleton health, and vocal health, please down load the documents below.


Individual and small group counseling on a variety of topics is available to all students through the Ithaca College Office of Counseling and Psychological Services. Center for Music students are encouraged to participate in these sessions to establish a healthy body, mind, and soul, which are a foundation to a happy and successful career. Pathways training sessions are also available at various points throughout the year. Pathways is a mental health crisis prevention and intervention program that teaches students to identify a potential mental health crisis, initiate a conversation with someone at risk, ask directly about suicidal thoughts, and make referrals to appropriate resources. Students may also contact the Icare case manager, Christina McMahon (607) 274-7731).