M.M. in Choral Conducting

The Master of Music in Choral Conducting is one of the four major conducting areas (choral, music drama, orchestral, and wind)  in which degrees are offered at Ithaca College. In addition to their primary study with Janet Galván, conductor of the Choir, students work privately with professors in one minor conducting area.

There is a two-year residency requirement. Each student must conduct a complete program in the major area. Applicants are required to submit a list of compositions studied for conducting during the past three years.  An in-person audition is required, including an interview, live conducting in the major area, and an ear-training exam. Applicants are required to submit an initial screening videotape of a performance or rehearsal they conducted recently. No more than one student will normally be admitted each year in each area, and each student will be awarded a conducting assistantship. Major-field course work includes both applied conducting (score reading, score analysis, and conducting with major ensembles) and three literature courses in the major and minor conducting areas.

The Master of Music in Choral Conducting is set apart from other master's conducting programs around the country, because the small size of the program affords ample individual attention.

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