2018 Electives

The Summer Music Academy is unique in offering an extensive list of music and non-music electives. For students considering a career in music, these electives offer an array of experiences that will hone interests and provide new musical experiences typically not available in most summer music programs.

Electives are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, typically starting towards the beginning of June. Registration information will be sent via email to all parents before enrollment opens. Posted electives subject to change depending upon interest and enrollment.

Elective Schedule

Elective Period 1 Elective Period 2
The Collaborative Studio Recording Experience The Collaborative Studio Recording Experience
Introduction to the Piano Introduction to the Piano
Music Theory Fundamentals Music Theory Fundamentals
Introduction to the Guitar Introduction to the Guitar
Improvisation for All Steel Drum Ensemble
Elements of Jazz through History, Style, and Improvisation Introduction to Acting
Introduction to Singing Introduction to Composition
Beginning Conducting Techniques Beginning Conducting Techniques
Introduction to Sound Practice Time
Practice Time ---

* : Some restrictions apply, see below

Elective Descriptions

The Collaborative Studio Recording Experience

Instrumentalists and vocalists will collaborate to produce and record a song by the end of the week. Students will follow a predetermined song form developed by the instructor and be given the opportunity to contribute artistically throughout the recording process. The final recorded product will be presented at the final concert on Saturday afternoon. Instructor – Tyler Ogilvie

Introduction to the Piano

Students who have limited experience playing the piano will have the opportunity to learn the basics. Open to band and orchestra students only. Instructor - Mary Holzhauer

Music Theory Fundamentals

A course designed to teach the basic fundamentals of music theory, with a brief introduction to sight-singing. Instructor – Russell Posegate

Introduction to the Guitar

This course is designed for students with little or no background in playing the guitar. Students will obtain a functional understanding of the guitar, as well as tools for the continued exploration of the instrument beyond the scope of the class. Emphasis will be placed on right and left hand technique, basic chord shapes, and reading skills. Guitars will be provided. Instructor - Peter Guarino

Improvisation for All

A course which will foster musical creativity and improvisation that is open to all instrument areas. Instructor - Dan Shaut

Elements of Jazz through History, Style, and Improvisation

Students will be introduced to defining elements of jazz through learning a bit of history and by listening to representative jazz artists. Students will learn to perform several jazz standards while concentrating of the elements of jazz style and will learn the steps to improvise on these songs. Instructor – Dan Fabricius

Introduction to Singing

Students who have limited experience singing will have the opportunity to learn basic techniques. Instructor - Lynn Craver

Beginning Conducting Techniques

Students will learn conducting basics in a supportive environment, led by experienced music education pedagogues. Instructors - Matthew Sadowski

Introduction to Sound

Music has been described as “organized sound,” but what is the difference between noise, sound, and music? This elective will explore those boundaries by focusing on recorded sounds and their potential for narrative. Students will spend time exploring their sonic surroundings and experiment with ways of organizing the sounds found in their environment to create a short story through sound. Instructor – Carlos Ramirez

Steel Drum Ensemble

Students will learn how a brief history of the steel drum, as well as how to play various steel drums. They will also learn several traditional steel drum tunes and more familiar pop tunes. No experience in drumming necessary. Instructor – Emily Ickes

Introduction to Acting

Introduction to Acting will focus on developing beginning acting skills through theatre games, ensemble exercises, improvisation and open scene work. No previous experience necessary. Instructor – Holly Adams

Introduction to Composition

This course is an introduction to the world of composition through exposure to the ideas necessary to put together the different elements of music. Students will work on projects using a variety of tools to help them solidify their ideas, from good 'ole pencil and paper, to software tools available in most computers today. By the end of the class, students will have completed a short musical piece in the computer with the guidance of the instructor. Instructor – Emmanuel Berrido