Merit Pages for Student Achievement

Ithaca College showcases student achievements with Merit Pages, a social media and hometown news program that allows students to share academic and extracurricular successes with family, friends and future employers.

Participating students will receive online badges for achievements such as making the dean’s list, leading athletic teams, presenting at conferences, participating in impressive projects and many more. These achievements will also be sent to students’ hometown news outlets and appear on the Ithaca College Merit site.

These badges allow students to highlight their achievements and activities while creating an online profile that they can use for jobs, internships and references after graduation. Students can also easily share badges with their family and friends on social media or through email.

How Merit Pages Work

When a student is awarded a badge, he or she will receive an email with a link to a personal Merit page, which includes a badge and a description of the achievement. From there, students can claim and customize their profile with a picture, personal description and personal badges to represent work experience, internships or club memberships.

Merit by readMedia from readMedia on Vimeo.

Claim Your Merit Page

Students can claim their page using email, Facebook or Twitter. When a student clicks on the link to view their Merit page from an email notification or recently granted achievement, they will enter a claim workflow.

Email Claim

If a student opts to claim their Merit page by connecting through email, they will be asked to create a password, at least six characters in length, then click “Sign In” to connect to their Merit page.

Facebook Claim

If a student opts to claim their Merit page by connecting through Facebook, the student will need to click “Okay” when asks to access their public profile. A second popup will appear asking if the student would like to post to friends on their behalf. Students can click “Okay” or “Skip.”

Twitter Claim

If a student opts to claim their Merit page by connecting through Twitter, the student will be asked to sign in to their Twitter account and connect Once a student clicks “Sign In,” their Merit page will be connected and they will be redirected to a page where they can customize their Merit page.

Opt Out

Students who do not wish to participate in Merit Pages can do so by clicking on an “opt-out” link on the bottom of the email they receive. Once a student opts out of Merit they will never receive another achievement notification.