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‘Ithaca Times’ Features Ithaca College Hops Grower Josh Grazul

ITHACA, NY — Josh Grazul, a senior business administration major, has already tasted success by starting his own hops farm and reviving the local hops growing industry.

Grazul, a self-taught farmer, realized the many benefits of opening a hops farm in central New York, which has a strong history of being one of the main hops-providing areas in the country. He knew local artisanal breweries need hops to flavor their brew, so he began with a small plot of 12 plants and expanded his business to now harvest over 2,000 plants.

Grazul fuels his hops farm with hard work, sweat and passion. The Freeville, N.Y., local pairs his class experiences with business smarts to create an efficient and cost-effective farming process to sustain his successful hops business.

You can read his story as published in the Ithaca Times here.