I stand in solidarity with the communities of El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, in mourning the devastating loss of life this weekend as our country reels once again in the wake of two more atrocious acts of gun violence

I am heartsick and angry that lives and families continue to be destroyed as mass shootings intersect with the divisive political issues shaping our national and international landscape. This must stop. Leaders in the public sector, business, and education must pull together quickly and intentionally to promote initiatives that support humane and sensible gun use legislation while encouraging us to embrace our shared humanity and our freedom to live as we see fit as a member of productive, respectful communities.

Ithaca College is a private institution that serves a public good, and all of us must commit to being responsibly involved in our local and global communities and in one another’s lives. Please keep El Paso and Dayton in your thoughts and prayers as those strong communities begin their respective healing processes.

Shirley M. Collado