Emily Rockett

Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Emily Rockett

Emily Rockett was appointed General Counsel in August of 2022. Emily first joined the College as an Assistant Counsel focusing on employment and labor matters and was promoted to College Counsel in 2021. She oversees the Legal Affairs Division and the Title IX office.

Prior to coming to Ithaca College, Emily worked as an associate at two local law firms and as a labor relations attorney for GST BOCES.

Emily brings a strong background in labor & employment law to the General Counsel role. She has quickly developed a strong understanding of the many laws and regulations affecting colleges and universities. Her portfolio includes contract review, governance matters, data privacy, student affairs, Title IX compliance, emergency preparedness, employee benefits and tax matters, estate matters, insurance matters, real estate matters, and intellectual property matters. Emily oversees all litigation involving the College and represents the College in administrative proceedings.

Emily was appointed to Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary to the Board of Trustees in October 2022, working to align the work of the Board of Trustees with the President's Cabinet, College Leadership Team, and the greater Ithaca College community. 

Emily completed her undergraduate studies at Williams College, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English. She earned her JD from Cornell Law School.

Originally from the Philadelphia area, she has made home here in the Finger Lakes since attending Cornell Law School.

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