Housing Selection

As a continuing student, you have the opportunity to explore housing options in residence halls (double or single rooms), Residential Learning Communities (RLCs), and apartments. Typically housing assignments are set up during the spring semester for the following academic year. The specific housing available (areas of campus, room types, and the number of available spaces) varies each year.


If a senior or a student who meets residence/off-campus policy exemption criteria has already secured an on campus apartment and then requests to have an off-campus exception granted, housing will be removed. In an apartment, this means the remaining apartment-mates may need to re-select another on-campus housing option.

Housing locations are subject to change based on housing needs for the upcoming year.

Housing Options

Residence Halls

  • Clarke Hall
  • Terraces 
  • West Tower
  • Emerson

Apartments - Rising Juniors & Seniors Only

  • Circle Apartments
  • Garden Apartments

Senior and Graduate Housing

  • Eastman Hall

Setting Up Your Housing

If you are interested in living with a person of another gender you may do so through creating a roommate/apartment-mate group.

Rising Junior and Senior Groups or individuals may set up housing preferences to be considered for an on campus apartment in either the Circle and Garden apartments. In order to select an apartment, the apartment must be fully filled with no vacancies. Group requests will be considered before individual requests, and only rising juniors and seniors are eligible for apartment selection. Apartment selection is competitive and not all rising juniors and seniors are guaranteed to live in apartments.

Groups interested in an apartment should:

  1. Create a group on the Housing Portal.
  2. Submit Housing Preferences indicating your apartment preferences with your group.
    • Assignments are prioritized by semester standing. The group's average number of semesters will the order of assignments.
  3. When a specific type of apartment or all apartments are taken, groups who are unable to secure an apartment will be contacted and provided with a brief time period to adjust housing preferences and groups.

individual Students interested in an apartment should:

  1. Submit Housing Preferences indicating your apartment preferences.
    • Assignments are prioritized by semester standing.
  2. Create a roommate group if you are interested in a double room in a Circle Apartment.
  3. When a specific type of apartment or all apartments are taken, students who are unable to secure an apartment will be contacted and provided with a brief time period to adjust housing preferences.

Individuals or roommate groups (maximum roommate group size is 2 people) may set up housing preferences to be considered for a Residence Hall room in the Quads, Terraces, or Towers. Single rooms are competitive and not all upper year students are guaranteed to live in singles.

Students interested in a residence hall room should:

  1. Submit Housing Preferences.
    • Assignments are prioritized by semester standing.
  2. Create a group on the Housing Portal if applicable.
    • You are not required to have a roommate group to be assigned to a double room. Students without a requested roommate will receive an assigned roommate.

Continuing students may submit one or more applications on the Housing Portal to live in a RLC or Special Housing area. Application results (acceptance or denial) will be published on the Housing Portal and emailed to you. You may apply to multiple communities and indicate a top preference with your Housing Preferences. You may be assigned to live in any of the RLC communities that you were accepted into.

Block Housing is a process for continuing students who are interested in living in the same residence hall building with a larger group of 3-6 peers. Group members who receive a Block Housing placement will be in the same building but not necessarily the same wing/floor. This process does not apply to apartments.

  • Block Housing requests require a supplemental request form. To apply:
    • One member of the group (now the designated block housing group leader) completes the Block Housing request form located on the Housing Portal.
    • In the form, the group leader invites all other members to the block housing group.
    • All invited members of the group will receive an email prompt to accept or decline membership in the Block Housing group. (Important: this is different than your roommate group.)
    • All request forms and Block Housing groups must be complete no later than the published deadline.
    • Groups of less than 3 members or more than 6 members will be invalid and not reviewed for housing placement consideration.
  • All valid, on time request forms will be prioritized first by the average semester standing of the group and then by random priority number.
  • Each person may only be part of one Block Housing Request.
  • The supplemental Block Housing request form does not guarantee placement in a single or double room. Each individual student's Housing Preferences (submitted on the Housing Portal) will be used as a reference point for room types.
  • Students who want to live together as roommates (sharing a double room) must also complete their group through the "Build/Manage Group" tool on the Housing Portal.

Rising Seniors (students who have completed 6 semesters by the end of the current spring semester) are eligible to live on or off-campus. Students who have already finalized their plans to live off-campus for the upcoming year may submit a senior intention form notifying Housing of your intention to live off-campus. 

  • When an intention form is submitted to live off-campus, your eligibility will be verified, and then your housing status will be updated to off-campus effective the upcoming Fall term.
  • You will no longer be eligible to participate in the on campus housing selection processes and will not receive future communications about setting up on campus housing.
  • You may request to return to on campus housing at a later date. Housing staff will work with you to set up housing based on what is available at the time.

Several housing accommodation processes exist if you have a specific need when setting up your housing. Learn more about each process and submit requests on our Special Accommodations page.

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