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Parking Services is a unit of the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management. We are a customer-oriented team of professionals dedicated to supporting Ithaca College’s mission by maximizing campus access and providing solutions and options to meet our community's parking needs. 

Spring 2022 Student Parking Permit Information

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Ithaca College has established Parking Policies to provide adequate, reasonable, convenient, and safe access for all faculty/staff, students, and visitors to the campus. The parking system must reconcile parking demands with the limitations of land and financial resources. With this in mind, members of the campus community must understand that parking is a privilege. Individual parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

At Parking Services, we are striving to be “Parking Engagement,” rather than enforcement focused. This is the underpinning of our Community Oriented Parking Engagement Philosophy (C.O.P.E.).  This involves being customer centered, maximizing available parking resources, rather than a violator centered approach. We are working towards an increased understanding of broad campus parking needs and supporting operational needs of individual departments, while also building relationships with campus constituents with an eye toward improving customer service. 

Ithaca College continually assesses its operations, procedures, and policies in order to foster the incorporation of sustainable thinking and practice into its day-to-day management. Our efforts continue to further our goal to create a "living-learning" laboratory that models and reinforces what our students are learning about sustainability in their classrooms. Furthermore, Ithaca College recognizes the importance of strengthening the student connection to the College and laying the foundation for student success during the first year. As a result we strongly urge students not to bring vehicles to campus, particularly during their first year.

Sustainable Transportation Options

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