Overview of the Steps Below

Student organization events can be created on IC Engage under the respective student organization portal. Below are the steps on how to create an event on IC Engage. Click here for a video tutorial

  1.  Log on to IC Engage with your netpass credentials 

  1. Make sure you are listed as an officer on your organization’s roster. (If you are not ask your president to add you as an officer.) 

  1. In the search bar type in your student organization and click on it.  

  1. In the top right side of your student organization’s portal, click “Manage Organization”. 

  1. In the top left side of the manage page, click the hamburger bar (the three horizontal lines). 

  1. This list of organizational tools is your student organization’s tool box! To create an event, click “Events”. 

  1. In the top right side, click “Create Event”. 

  1. The first section “Basic Details” is the best way to sell your student organization’s event. Make a creative title and really customize your description to entice people to attend.  

  1. In the “Additional Information” section, click “Yes” to the question of “Would you like this event to be included on the IC Public Events Calendar?”.  

  1.  Continue to fill out the rest of the form and be sure to press submit at the end.