Checklist to Review when Planning an Online Event

Suggested Timeline: 

At least 6 weeks before your event, submit the Request to Host an Online Event form on IC Engage. This will pair you with a Student Leadership Consultant to assist your organization. 

  • In this form, you will be able to identify if you need assistance with obtaining resources such as contracting with an outside vendor, funding, etc. 

  • You will also be able to express concerns, questions or help needed from your assigned Student Leadership Consultant.  

At least 4 weeks before your event, submit funding request from your designated funding location (SGC, departmental, school, etc.)  

If a contract agreement is required, the assigned SLC will connect your organization with Mary Holland-Bavis for an overview of the contract process. 

At least 3 weeks in advance begin promoting your event. Create your event on IC Engage, post it to the IC Events Calendar and invite students to register.  

At least two weeks before your event, confirm with the vendor/your team on the event logistics. 

The week of your event, test your technology and ensure all logistics are running smoothly. 

The day of your event, send out the zoom link to all students who registered with a reminder about the event. 

Have fun! 

Event Planning Checklist: 


  • Picking an event idea 

  • What is the goal of your event? 

  • What do you want students to learn, feel or take action for the future? 

  • Will your organization be hosting the program on your own or will you find an outside vendor to assist? 

  • Does your organization have the resources and people power to ensure this event is successful? 

  • How will promote your event? 

During event:  

  • How are you tracking participation/attendance? 

  • How are you measuring success? 

  • Who is the event lead? Who will be attending to any problems that arise during the event? 

After event:  

  • Have all outside vendors/guests been paid? 

  • Will you send a follow up message to attendees, thanking them, giving more info, reminder for future events?  

  • Take time in your next meeting to gather event feedback – what went well, what would you change for next time, etc.?