Each year, student organizations host hundreds of on and off-campus programs. These programs coordinated by student organizations are not only opportunities for students to shape the Ithaca College experience but can be a tremendous learning experiences for the students who develop them. The importance of planning ahead cannot be overstated!

Services such as catering, space set up and audio/visual are going to be super limited this year due to budget cuts. Therefore, all events must be approved by the Events Approval Committee. You can submit this link to the event form. 

If you're looking to reserve a meeting space that does not require any services, they can do so on 25live now. 

When developing a program, it is essential that student organizations consider:

  • How does the program help the student organization accomplish its mission?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • How will the program serve Ithaca College students and the Ithaca College community? How will all students relate to the experience?
  • How will the program attract and benefit as many parts of the student body as possible? Who is the target audience? Can this be expanded?
  • When should the program be held? Have the event planners consulted an interfaith calendar, IC Engage Events page, and IC Events Calendar to check for potential conflicts?
  • How many people will ideally be in attendance?
  • How will the program be funded?
  • Will guests require special arrangements or equipment?
  • Are there other organizations with whom the student organization can collaborate?

Student organization programming may occur must be completed by the last day of classes each semester. 

Contracting off-campus guest artists (performers) and novelty items:

Click here to download the OSE Contract Process Infographic. 

Click here to download the Standard Contract Agreement. 

Click here to download the e-mail template to send to artists/agencies/speakers 


Contracts are required for all performers, speakers or other activities requiring payment for services rendered. Ithaca College does not authorize student organization members or advisors to sign contracts. Student organizations are urged to use the Office of Student Engagement standard contract agreement. All contractual agreements must be executed as an all-inclusive agreement. For any questions about contracting, please contact ose@ithaca.edu.