If you are planning a meeting that does not require any additional services (such as A/V or catering), please view location availability and submit your request via the college web-based scheduling application 25Live Pro four weeks prior to the proposed program.

Your request will be forwarded to the Office of Student Engagement for approval then onto the respective Scheduler for the space you are requesting. After your request is approved by the appropriate Scheduler, you will receive confirmation via email.  

If you are planning an event that requires services such as catering, space set up and audio/visual, it is important to know these services are going to be super limited this year due to budget cuts. Therefore, all events must be approved by the Events Approval Committee. You can submit this link to the event form. 

All details (contracts, food, audio-visual needs, and facility set-up) must be confirmed at least three weeks before the event to allow for proper preparation. Details provided will be made available to Conference and Event Services and the Office of Student Engagement programming staff. 

Click here to access the Conference and Event Services website to access many resources on 25Live Pro. You can also contact the Scheduling Coordinator at cesreservations@ithaca.edu.