Orientation Coordinator

The Office of New Student and Transition Programs is looking to hire three Orientation Coordinators to assist the Associate Director and Orientation Leadership Team with the planning and implementation of Fall Orientation programming.

Video Submission Questions

When applying for the Orientation Coordinator position, you are also applying for the Orientation Mentor position as it will be your role during the Orientation program itself. All Orientation Coordinator applicants MUST ADD the Orientation Coordinator question to their video response in addition to answering the Orientation Mentor questions.
While a video can still be within 5-7 minutes, the addition of this question will increase your maximum video length to 13 minutes to afford extra time. Please make sure that your responses can be clearly heard.

Orientation Mentor Questions:

  1. How do you see the Orientation Mentor role supporting the overall Orientation program?
  2. What is one way that you would foster an inclusive and respectful staff environment, and within your huddle, to support the overall Orientation program?
  3. As a returning staff member, please express one way in which the opportunity to return will help you as you continue to develop your leadership skills?

Orientation Coordinator Question

     4. Please speak to your experiences with at least three of the skills listed within the position description (expanded below) and how you would relate this to your work as an Orientation Coordinator? (communication, reliability, marketing, self-motivated, resourceful, and team-oriented)

Orientation Coordinator Position Details

Please review the following information about the OC role

Orientation Coordinators will work throughout the summer alongside professional staff assisting with the development of orientation programs/events, student leader training, and assist the office in summer communication via email, phone, text, and video chats. There may also be an opportunity to support new students and their families through an extended summer transition program. In order to serve in this accelerated leadership position, we are looking for candidates who demonstrate skills in the following areas to be a member of this highly selective group. 

  • Assist in the marketing, planning, and implementation of spring orientation programs including;
  • Create and host content for students and families to present via live/streaming chats surrounding campus life at Ithaca College and the transitional support services.
  • Assist in the development of content for student leader training including opportunities for leading individual presentations, workshops, and/or programs.
  • Work alongside professional staff, campus event managers, building managers, and support staff to plan and implement the logistics of Orientation.
  • Communicate with incoming students, families and guests, and campus partners, regarding the Orientation programs, addressing questions and concerns and monitoring live-chat feature.
  • Perform office functions as required (where relevant), including phones, responding to emails, planning events, completing data entry, and other duties as assigned.
  • Support additional first-year and transfer experience initiatives as assigned.

Communication: excellent written and oral communication skills
Reliability: punctual and able to carry out assignment in a timely manner from conception to completion
Marketing: demonstrate ability to produce creative and innovative marketing materials.
Self-Motivated: critical thinking and ability to develop creative solutions
Resourceful: explore necessary resources while minimizing unnecessary costs
Team-Oriented: understanding this is a campus-wide effort and the importance of the role/engagement of the orientation staff

Employment Details:

  • Orientation Coordinator must have prior experience with Orientation at Ithaca College.
    • Candidates must also accept the Orientation Mentor role to be eligible.
  • Orientation Coordinator will attend staff meetings and meet 1:1 regularly with Associate Director.
  • Orientation Coordinator must have minimum GPA of 3.0 and be in good judicial standing.
  • Orientation Coordinator will be paid $13.20/hr at ~37.5 hours a week starting May through August.
    • There will be the ability to take time off, however, specific dates should be discussed with the Associate Director prior to job offers.
  • O-Staff Kick-Off: April 23rd
  • Summer Workload: May 31st - August 8th

    Orientation Mentor Role:

  • O-Staff Fall Training: August 9th – 15th
  • Fall Orientation: August 16th – 21st
    • O-Staff cannot participate in another role/job during August employment, this includes pre-semester trainings/program