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Image of Kaitlin with her study abroad program in Vietnam
Remember To Be Brave

by Kaitlin Logsdon '17  


Alexa and Amanda with 17 kids (an all-time record) at the TCPL

Reflections on Working with Youth

by Alexa Salvato, '17


The Emerging Media Lab at Ithaca College

Tech for Good


by Evan Sobkowicz '17

Examining the intersection of emerging media and community service


I’ve lived in Ithaca, NY for the last four years, attending Ithaca College as an Emerging Media major and a member of the Park Scholar...

Maddy and Ann
Fridays with Ann

by Maddy Feiner '17

Entering college four years ago, I was told I would be met with many different types of relationships: the changing relationships with my friends from high school, the formation of relationships with roommates and classmates at Ithaca, the evolution of my relationship with my parents who I would no longer see every day, and maybe even a relationship with the...

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