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ultimate frisbee

by Kevin Doubleday '17

As my second month here at IC ends, I can’t even fathom how much fun I have had becoming involved outside of the classroom. From working on ICTV, Ithaca’s premier television station, to volunteering around Ithaca’s community, to practicing three times a week with my club Frisbee team, I have improved upon a range of different skills, made new IC friends, and have thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process. 

I am currently working on two student-run ICTV shows. I am in love with the amount of energy everyone in the network has. Because everyone is so enthusiastic, I am expecting both TV shows I work on, Pop Quiz! and History of High School, to reach their full potential. I can’t wait to see the finished products.

I meet with the American Marketing Association every Wednesday, sharpening my professionalism and public relations skills.

My schedule continues to fill up as Nawshus Ultimate, Ithaca’s Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team begins to practice for some upcoming tournaments. I never played Ultimate in high school, but I am having so much fun learning the different rules and techniques alongside many other new freshmen.

One of the great things about IC is that there is always something happening. A few weeks ago, I spontaneously went to a ballroom dancing class with two of my good friends. The following week I went to an orchestral concert in Whalen, Ithaca’s school of music. Last weekend was Apple Fest, and I found some time to walk around and experience the town in its festivities. Next month, I am getting a team together and competing in a 5- man dodge ball tournament that is raising money for IC Love Knows No Bounds.

As you can see, I am involved outside of the classroom in two distinct ways. First, I am a part of many different clubs and volunteer activities that have set scheduling. And second, I also have found the opportunity to participate in very diverse, random, and interesting activities every single day. This is how I’ve had such a rich, fulfilling experience at Ithaca College just in these two short months.


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