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Park Scholar Class fof 2017

by Vanessa O'Connor '17

When we were told at the Park Scholar orientation that time flies, I did not believe it. Yet here we are, already with one semester of college under our belts, and we barely had time to blink. I remember like it was yesterday sitting under the hot sun and the bugs were pestering my face as all the first-year students ate BBQ for the first time as one big family. It was all surreal to me that I was not only a part of such a talented and extraordinary group, but also I had grown up so fast-I was just starting to embark on my college journey!

In high school I always dreamed of the future, whether it was finally being in college or my future career or even my wedding! I felt like high school was all about wishing for what was to come one day; something bigger and better than what was happening now. Then in college it hit me that time flies too fast to be always thinking about the next big step. I learned that you have to appreciate the small things in life and live in the moment because it will be over before you know it. No one thinks about these things because we are always so busy. It is really nice to take the time to stop for about one second and realize that the time to appreciate is now, not tomorrow or next year, but today. I remember just unpacking my car with the help of fellow Park Scholars in late August, and now I am unpacking once again, yet this time for winter break as I go on to complete my second semester at Ithaca.


When people ask me what I have appreciate most about finally being in college, it is not the freedom or the friends, the classes or the work; it is the ability to live each little moment to the fullest. The conversations with friends as we do our laundry or the laughing as we run to our next class. These moments are taken for granted or as insignificant, but it is that time where friendships grow and you might learn new things about yourself. My favorite part about college is that at any given moment I can run into a friend just on my way to dinner and we have a small conversation. Sometimes just offering to print a paper to save a friend from running to the library at three in the morning…these minor moments that happen add up, building character and relationships that last a lifetime.

So in conclusion, live for today. Laugh as much as you can and when you have to cry do it alongside those you love. Because once everything is over, it will be those moments that you remember and want to live again.




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