PS: This Is It.

PS: This Is It.

With graduation on the horizon, Park Scholar seniors reflect on their time at IC

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The Ad Lab team

By Sarah Parker '14

Every day I am surrounded by my fellow senior Park Scholars and we all cannot believe we are about to graduate. I think back to every midterm and finals week that I could not wait to be over and cannot help but laugh because now we would all do anything for a couple of more days with each other.

One of the most rewarding aspects of senior year is being able to look back at my freshman self and realize how much I have changed. I came to Ithaca College so sure that I wanted to be a broadcast journalist, only to quickly realize that I was wrong. I was lost and confused about what direction to take my life. I took a leap of faith and switched my major to Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and I never looked back.

I have spent the last semester of my senior entirely engulfed in one of the IMC capstones, Ad Lab. A lot of students have crazy ideas about what Ab Lab is and what it entails. IMC majors have the opportunity to participate in the National Student Advertising competition and the general consensus is that it takes up all your time and your sanity. That is true but it is so much more than that. While other teams spend all year on the project, we spend five months eating and breathing our campaign. Through Ad Lab I have learned so much about myself and what I want to pursue after graduation. As Director of Brand Activation I managed a team to create innovative events and promotions to help bring our campaign to life. After working tirelessly on our campaign for months, we presented to the competition’s judges in New York City this past weekend. Our ideas were great and the presenters didn’t stumble on one word, but it just wasn’t enough. We came in 3rd place and we were all crushed. I have met some of the most talented and kind people I know through Ad Lab and the saddest part is that we were not friends sooner. I know they will all do amazing things and I am so grateful to have been a part of this experience.

We had a lot of great ideas and a lot of bad ones. We spent days working on executions only to scrap them the next week. I learned that even though an idea is amazing it still might not be the right idea. This notion has helped me a lot getting through the last bit of my semester as I try to balance finishing my last courses of undergrad and applying for jobs. I have realized I do not have to have a concrete plan before May 18th or follow any one's path but my own. I just need to trust that if I keep working hard the right path will find me. The only plan I have is to move to New York City with two of my best friends and figure it out, and I am so excited for that. I am ready to graduate and ready for one of the only times in my life I will have that I can afford to enjoy so much uncertainty.


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