Juniors Participate in Leadership Workshop

By: Meredith Sager, junior

Though most of the members of the junior Park Scholar class have gotten to know each other well over the past two years, they were able to get to know each other even better this Friday at the Junior Class Leadership Workshop. Over the course of a few hours, all of the juniors participated in a hands-on workshop assessing their own place on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test (MBTI). Through story telling, situation simulations, and some self-reflection, we were able to not only learn a little bit more about ourselves, but also about all of the other members of our Park Scholar class. 

Prior to the September 28th workshop, all of the juniors took the MBTI test to place our own personalities. Upon entering the workshop, however, we didn't see the results. We were instead tasked with taking a deeper look into each of the elements of the MBTI, and thinking about where each of us saw ourselves rather than where the test placed us.

As Michele Lenhart, Director of Student Leadership and Involvement at Ithaca College and leader of the afternoon's workshop, explained, there are 16 different possible outcomes that describe your psychological typecast.  Each outcome is made up of four different values: extroversion v. introversion, sensing v. intuition, thinking v. feeling and judging v. perceiving. Throughout the afternoon, we examined these values and discovered how they all come together for each one of us individually. 

During many points throughout the workshop, we broke up into groups to discuss how we handle different situations. We noted the differences in how we take in information, communicate with others and view the world around us in comparison to our peers. As junior Megan Devlin pointed out, these group activities were "an incredibly interactive way to get to know your peers better and understand their tendencies." By delving into each value of the MBTI together, we got the opportunity to see how we all react differently to even the most common situations. Dylan Van Arsdale thought that the workshop was "fascinating to see such a variety of personality and thinking styled among [his] fellow Park Scholars."

As student leaders, it is important that we know our own practices, but also important that we understand those of others. Michelle emphasized the importance of this understanding, explaining that we can work together more effectively if we can recognize and appreciate the different values and personalities of one another.


Megan explained that even though she had already taken the Myers-Brigges test three times before, she "never had a leadership workshop built into the analysis." The afternoon's workshop helped all of the juniors really get to understand our personalities, and bond in a little bit different way. Through continuous laughter, story telling and chatter, we were all able to enjoy ourselves as we learned a bit more about each other in a fresh, exciting way.  




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