S'Park Media Mentor Winners Come to Campus

By: Crystal Kayiza, Sophomore

On October 8, 2012 the annual Spark Media Mentor Award ceremony gathered faculty members from all sectors of the Roy H. Park School of Communications. Alongside these communicators, were revered media educators from around the country. Don Goble, Kim Green. Noah C. Kady, Todd J. Lorson, Dave Ruby spent the weekend at Ithaca College to be recognized for their contributions to the field of communications.

Their influence was exhibited in a wide range of forums, ranging from; personal accolades, revered publications, top-notch broadcasts, and comprehensive media instruction. For Ladue Horton Watkins High School teacher, Don Goble, his contribution happened to be sitting to his left.

Now in his eighth year teaching at the St. Louis High School, Goble’s S’park biography page lists only a portion of his accomplishments. He now serves as the Broadcast Technology, Film and Multimedia Instructor, Co-Director of LHS-TV, and a Ladue School District Video Producer.

He also is responsible for igniting the flame that led Abby Sophir into communications. A sophomore Television Radio major in the Park School of Communications, Abby spent this summer interning with NBC for the 2012 London Olympics at their headquarters in New York City. She is also the recipient of the Park Scholar Award. And she attributes much of her success to the lessons she learned in Gobles classroom.

Reflecting on her experience at the ceremony, Sophir said, “Having my high school teacher honored was a crazy collision of two worlds for me. It was really cool to see Mr. Goble, the main reason why I am at IC today, honored by the college.”

It is rare for educators to be recognized by such academic institutions. Kim Green, teacher at Columbus North High School, in Columbus, IN 

mentioned in her acceptance speech, “We are used to seeing our kids in the spotlight, everything we do is for the students.”

This ceremony was a great opportunity to merge the worlds of higher education and the mentors that helped mold the students inside Ithaca College classrooms.

“We've all had a teacher or mentor that really changes the direction of our lives and too often this acknowledgement remains within the classroom” Sophir said, “It was nice to see such deserving people get the recognition they deserve and knowing one of he recipients personally made it that much more special.”

Instead of speaking about his own experiences since her departure, Goble spent an extensive amount of time during the dinner speaking with Abby about her media projects, extracurricular activities, and academics.

Chris Goble and the other mentor’s awarded that night are a true example of how an experience with a teacher can shape and change a students life and career path. As a Park School student myself, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be pursuing media if it weren’t for my film instructor in high school.

With frank but constructive criticism, continual support, and passion for media, these educators are the foundation and the future of communications.

“Nominating Mr. Goble was really the least I could do after all he's done for me,” Sophir said.

And after the awards were distributed, and the tables were cleared, each of these educators will return to their classrooms and continue some of the most valuable work in media.





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