Service Programming

Park Scholars perform a wide range of service activities, from tutoring at area schools, providing pro-bono advertising work for local non-profits, and even provide one-on-one technical instruction to people in retirement facilities. Park Scholars get involved in big and small ways every year, whether they're in Ithaca or around the globe.

Every Scholar commits themselves to a form of service and voluntarily contributes to their organization's success in hundreds of ways. Read more about how Scholars make an impact in the Scholar Profiles.

In addition to committing to specific individual projects, Park Scholars share their communications talents across a variety of partnerships with local organizations in Park Scholar Group Service Projects.

Every year, Park Scholar seniors band together to learn more about a complex topic and get personally involved during the Park Scholar Senior Service Trip.

Anna Gardner, class of 2019, reading stories with Kids at the Annual Tompkins County Read-a-thon at the Public Library