Service Programming

Group Service Partnerships


Park scholars share their communications talents across a variety of partnerships with local organizations. Upper-level Park scholars assume key leadership roles in these collaborations. For the 2015 - 2016 academic year, following are the Park scholar group service partnerships:

Community Connections:
In this new group service project, Park Scholars are working with Ithaca College's Office of Civic Engagement to compile a comprehensive summary of various local socioeconomic issues including education, structural poverty, racism, food systems, reducing waste, energy efficiency, renewable energy, transportation system, housing dignity, health promotion, grassroots leadership and youth planning. Scholars will research and evaluate local community groups as well as on campus groups involved in off campus advocacy or community service initiatives. This information will be available on the Office of Civic Engagement's website that will be accessible to students, faculty, and staff, and community partners as future knowledge of what is being done, what is not being done, and how one can get involved in those areas of public interest.

Holocaust Education Project:
This new group service project began this fall when Park Scholars paired with the Ithaca Area United Jewish Community IAUJC) to put together a curriculum for high school students using true stories told by Holocaust survivors in the Tompkins County area. Park Scholars are going out into the community to interview these survivors and document their stories. This footage, as well as pre-existing clips archived by the IAUJC, are being used to compile educational video segments that can be used in local high school classrooms or found online on the web platform that is being constructed to house the video curriculum.

Media Club:
Media Club exists to educate elementary, middle and high school students about media through various literacy and production based workshops. Park Scholars design and implement curriculum and lead students through a variety of interactive projects and assignments. This year, Scholars will be working with two elementary schools, one middle school, a high school, and two community organizations. They will teach classes on broadcast journalism, coding, photography, advertising, film, and/or other general media topics. This project allows the Park Scholars to share their passion and talent for media with community members.

Megaphone Media Productions:
Megaphone Media Productions is a student-run group service project that consults with local nonprofit organizations to provide them with free media support. Megaphone works with the organization to meet their most pressing media needs be they radio, television, print, web services, or something entirely different. This year, Megaphone is working with the Ithaca College Natural Lands (ICNL) and the YMCA of Ithaca and Tompkins County. ICNL is both an organization affiliated with Ithaca College and a physical space dedicated to environmental education and the promotion of sustainability practices within the greater Ithaca community. It provides opportunities for both recreation and hands on learning in the 560 acres of protected conservation reserve land south of the Ithaca College campus. Megaphone is working with ICNL to create a web-based, self-guided tour of the nature trail, redesign their marketing materials, and to provide strategic marketing and social media proposals that can be used by in the future by ICNL staff and interns to better engage with the Ithaca community and make the ICNL more accessible. The YMCA of Tompkins County is seeking to increase its presence within Tompkins County by attracting more young families to begin using their gym. This will be our last semester working with the YMCA after partnering with them for over two years. Our project this semester will be to produce a promotional video showcasing the opportunities available for families at the YMCA as well as putting together an interactive email that advertises their summer outdoor education programs.


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