5.1 Purpose

5.1 Purpose

The purpose of this Volume V of the Ithaca College Policy Manual is to set forth certain human resource policies and procedures that pertain to staff, including administrators of the College.  Human resource and other policies which pertain to the entire college community (students, staff, administrators, and faculty) are found in Volume II of the Ithaca College Policy Manual, and employment and benefits policies which pertain to faculty and staff are located in Volume III of the Ithaca College Policy Manual hereto referred to as ICPM.

This Volume V is designed to be a working guide for supervisors in the day-to-day administration of the College’s human resource program.

This Volume V is not to be interpreted as a contract of employment.  The College reserves the right to modify any policy, benefit or procedure as the need arises.  Where a conflict exists between federal, state, and local law or insurance contracts, the terms of those laws or insurance contracts apply.

An important step in the maintenance of satisfactory employer/employee relationships is the consistent application of College human resource policies.  This volume is a statement of the College's human resource policies and procedures.  It is designed to be a working guide and ready reference for supervisors and managers in the day-to-day administration of their personnel responsibilities.  The College expects all supervisors to be familiar with the materials in this volume so they will have sufficient knowledge to respond to human resource issues. It is impossible to write specific policies and procedures to cover every situation and set of circumstances.  Even if it could be done, such a rulebook would not serve in the best interests of supervisors and employees.  These policies are written to promote equity, consistency, and understanding, and also to allow supervisory discretion, when appropriate.

5.1.1 Administration of Policies

The Office of Human Resources, in conformity with policies recommended by the associate vice president for human resources and adopted by the College, shall administer policies and procedures in this Volume V of the ICPM, and any interpretation necessary.  Copies of the material in this volume may not be issued to anyone other than Ithaca College supervisors and staff without the permission of the College.  Contact the associate vice president for human resources for permission to duplicate any material contained herein.

5.1.2 Coordination with Employee Handbook

(This section has been removed.)

5.1.3 Terms of Employment

Please take time to review this Volume.  Ithaca College reserves the right at any time to modify, suspend, revoke, terminate, or change in whole or in part, any of its policies, procedures, practices or benefits with or without notice.  New York State is an employment-at-will state and it is not the intent of this volume to modify or limit the employment-at-will relationship.  

Neither this volume, nor Volume III constitutes an employment contract, and no policy, practice, or procedure of the College shall alter the at-will relationship that the College maintains with its employees.  The College reserves the discretion to deviate from the disciplinary procedures and/or other policies contained in this volume.

Ithaca College is committed to providing open communication and responsive management action, where appropriate. Whereas human resources policies and procedures may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of Ithaca College, any employee subject to these policies may make recommendations for changes by submitting suggestions in writing to the associate vice president for human resources.

Last Updated: January 1, 2013