5.7 Voluntary Exit Procedures

5.7 Voluntary Exit Procedures

5.7.1 Final Payment

The date of termination is the last day worked. Upon departure, the employee is entitled to payment for remaining vacation leave balance. Employees who leave before completion of six months of service have no vacation entitlement.

The employee’s letter of resignation along with final pay period time card should be submitted to the Office of Human Resources (HR).

The employee’s final payment(s) are distributed on the next regularly scheduled pay date. If an employee does not have direct deposit, final payments(s) are mailed according to the regular pay schedule. If the employee does not work the anticipated schedule during the final week, the department must immediately notify the Office of Human Resources so the payment(s) may be adjusted.

5.7.2 Exit Procedures

To ensure proper processing of departing employees, the following tasks should be completed:

Departing employee tasks:

  1. Provide supervisor with a letter of resignation.
  2. Submit final time card and any used paid time away prior to final payroll cutoff.
  3. Return any borrowed materials to the Library and pay any outstanding fees*.
  4. Reconcile any outstanding fees with Parking Services*.
  5. Contact HR with any questions regarding final pay, paid time away, benefits, etc.

Supervisor tasks:

  1. Complete a termination transaction in Manager Self-Service in the Human Resources information system prior to the last day worked and attach the letter of resignation.
  2. Ensure the final timecard and any used paid time away has been submitted by the employee in the Human Resources information system or to the Payroll Department.
  3. Change the guardianship of computer equipment by contacting the ITS Service Desk (274-1000).
  4. Schedule an exit meeting with the departing employee to:
    • Collect departmental/building keys, all College-owned equipment (such as phone, radio, computing and communication devices), credit and/or procurement cards, employee ID card, and parking pass.
      • Employee ID cards must be returned to the Office of Human Resources.
      • Ithaca College parking passes must be returned to Parking Services.

*Failure to pay for any assessed fines will constitute debt delinquency and may result in referral to a collection agency, and/or reporting to a credit bureau.

Human Resources tasks:

  1. Upon receipt of the termination transaction, send:
    1. Departing employee a Departing Employee Checklist, general benefits information, and an Exit Interview Questionnaire.
    2. Notification to Parking Services (parking@ithaca.edu) and the Library (bhogben@ithaca.edu) determining if any fees are outstanding for departing employee.
  2. Mail specific benefits information, including COBRA information, to departing employee
5.7.3 Exit Interview Questionnaire

The purpose of the Exit Questionnaire is to seek feedback from the departing employee regarding their perception of Ithaca College as an employer. The information provided through the confidential online survey will be used as part of the College's continuing efforts to improve policies, practices, and programs that will enhance the IC community and work environment.

Department employees may request to speak to HR in person regarding their work experience in lieu of completing the survey by calling 274-8000.

Last Updated: October 24, 2017.