Become a Pro-Social Bystander

By empowering individuals with a sense of purpose and responsibility to co-create a safe community for their peers, many of which call Ithaca College home, IC Responsibility seeks to prepare participants to be prosocial bystanders

Programming Pyramid outlining the core track at the base and the applied tracks in the second row and a culminating

Your Journey at Your Pace

IC Responsibility employs a core curriculum which acts as the foundation of the program Bystander Intervention, Opioid Overdose, Understanding Identity, Facilitation & Leadership; and applied tracks which take a deeper dive into content areas such as First Responder Education, Equity & Belonging, Self-Care & Supporting Survivors, and Mental Health and Well-Being. The applied tracks offer participants the opportunity to connect the core tenants of bystander intervention to an area of professional and/or personal interest.

Explore some of the most common barriers that prevent people from intervening in potentially harmful situations.

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