The Offices of Residential Life and Student Conduct & Community Standards function as one department, supporting the needs of both residential and off-campus students at Ithaca College. The department oversees all processes and services related to Residential Education, Student Housing, Residence Hall Facility Operations, and Student Conduct. Our philosophy is to support the overall mission of the college by creating inclusive, caring, and engaging residential communities.

Vision Statement

To foster student growth through the creation of inclusive communities and dynamic residential experiences.  

Mission Statement

We provide students with caring, secure, and engaging community environments that support their overall well-being and academic success.


  • CARE – We practice compassion for students through individual outreach and support, inclusive events and resource sharing to help them be their best selves.
  • COMMUNITY – we provide welcoming and caring environments that serve as students’ “home away from home”.
  • COLLABORATION –we partner with campus offices to provide students with access to important college resources and educational information.
  • GROWTH – we support the campus learning community and academic mission through providing residential environments that support learning and provide opportunities for engagement.
  • INTEGRITY – we commit to giving our best work with a focus on honesty, respect, open communication, inclusion and equity.
  • INCLUSION – we support Ithaca’s diversity statement by creating caring and inclusive residential communities that welcome and affirm all voices and identities and that challenge bias and oppression.