Requesting a Room Change

We understand circumstances change and you may want to explore changing your room assignment. You have several options available to request room changes through our wait list and vacancy request processes. It is important to understand that room changes are based on available open housing, so submitting a request does not guarantee a room change.

Fall 2021 Wait List and Vacancy Requests

To submit a wait list or vacancy request form, select the "Room Change Requests" button on the Housing Portal main page.

  • Room Changes are offered weekly starting the first week of September (after the room change freeze ends 8/31/2021). 
  • Wait List and Vacancy Request forms are valid from 8/11/2021 through 11/10/2021. 
    • Request forms received between August 11, 2021 and August 31, 2021 will be ordered by semester standing and then by random lottery.
    • Request forms received between September 1, 2021 and November 10, 2021 will be ordered by date/time received.
  • The Fall 2021 wait list request and vacancy request processes end on November 10, 2021. No new request forms will be accepted after November 10, 2021 and the final requests will be processed prior to entering a room change freeze for semester break on November 29, 2021.
  • If a room change occurs, a change in the room rate or meal plan requirements may occur (see room and board rates). 
  • We cannot anticipate if you will receive a room change offer or a possible time frame. Offers depend on the availability of open housing space and your placement on the wait list.

How to Submit a Request

Wait List forms are available during the fall and spring semesters and over summer recess. You may request a room change as an individual student or to move as part of a group.

If a space becomes available for you or your group, you will be offered a new assignment and given a limited period of time to either accept or decline. If you do not reply by the deadline list, your offer will be voided and offered to the next person. If you decline the offer, your request will be removed and you will need reapply in order to be considered for a new room change.

To submit an individual or group wait list request form, select the "Room Change Requests" button on the Housing Portal.

Vacancy requests provide an opportunity to request to fill an anticipated or known vacancy in a shared room or apartment with someone you know. Both the student hoping to move into the open space and the student with an open space in their room should submit a request. (If the open space is in an apartment, all apartment-mates must submit a request to fill the space with a known person.)

Vacancies may occur in rooms and apartments for a variety of reasons and often without prior notice. Prior to sending a wait list offer for an open space each week, vacancy request forms are reviewed. If a vacancy request is not on file for a specific open space, it will be provided to another student. Therefore, we encourage you to submit a Vacancy Request form for the summer, fall, and spring processes so that a your roommate/apartment-mate preferences take precedence.

To submit a vacancy request form, select the "Room Change Requests" button on the Housing Portal.

A one-to-one room change never creates an empty space in a room or apartment. You may swap room assignments with another student if:

  • All students affected by the room changes agree to the proposed switch.
  • The room changes take place in consultation with a RD (during the summer recess, swaps may be facilitated by the Assistant Director of Housing and Communications or their designee).

To request a direct 1:1 room swap, all involved parties should email housing@ithaca.edu confirming agreement to the swap and outlining the specific details about which individuals are moving from and to which spaces.

Important Information and Resources

Roommate Conflicts

If you are experiencing difficulties with a roommate, we encourage you to first discuss the situation with your Resident Assistant (RA) before pursuing a room change request. If you are unable to work with your RA to make your living arrangement better, contact your Residence Director (RD) to determine how your concern may be resolved. Only in the event that all types of mediation are unsuccessful may a room change be facilitated.

Board Policy and Room Changes

  • Students who move (or are directly reassigned) from a traditional room to a Circle Apartment, Garden Apartment, or Quad Apartment will need to contact Student Financial Services if they intend to continue their current meal plan.
  • Students who move (or are directly reassigned) from a Circle Apartment, Garden Apartment, or Quad Apartment to a traditional room are automatically assigned to a standard meal plan which will be billed to their student account.

Unofficial Room Changes

It is vitally important for campus safety that our records accurately reflect where you reside on campus. Therefore, changing rooms "unofficially" (including moves from one bedroom to another within a shared apartment) will result in a referral to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.