COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard

Ithaca College's testing is completed in partnership with Cayuga Health System. The dashboard will be updated daily Monday through Friday as new test data becomes available. The data may be corrected as final investigations are completed.

This dashboard was last updated 1/20/2020. 

Campus Testing

Total Tests

Total number of tests administered to members of the campus community since August 14, 2020.

Active Positive Cases

Active positive cases in isolation.


Positive cases with resolved symptoms released from isolation by the Tompkins County Health Department.

Positive Test Results

Positive tests since August 14, 2020.

Student Testing

On-Campus Student Tests

The total number of tests administered to students living in on-campus housing.

Off-Campus Student Tests

The total number of tests administered to students living in off-campus housing.

Faculty & Staff Testing

Total Faculty Tests

The total number of tests administered to faculty.

Total Staff Tests

The total number of tests administered to staff.

Quarantine and Isolation Rooms - On Campus

Isolation/Quarantine Rooms

The number of rooms on campus that are available for isolation/quarantine.

Rooms Available

The number of unoccupied isolation/quarantine rooms.

Ithaca College is also reporting data to the New York State Higher Education COVID-19 Report. The state reporting requirements are specific to students and employees accessing campus and does not apply to those who are remote, even if they live in the area. While we are primarily remote this semester, we are choosing to provide more transparency on our internal COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard regarding testing and cases that we are aware of among our college community, regardless of whether they have a remote status for the fall semester. This will result in some differences between what we report to the state and what we share on our COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard here. In addition, due to differences in timing and changes that may occur during the data reconciliation processes, the numbers of tests reported may also differ slightly.

Tompkins County Cases

For additional information on all cases in Tompkins County, please visit the Tompkins County Health Department.