Film, Photography, and Visual Arts (B.F.A.)

The B.F.A. is the Park School’s degree for students who want to develop expertise across a range of media, including film, photography, video, and fine arts. Today’s digital media environment often requires professionals to be skilled in multiple mediums. Photographers may be asked by an assignment editor to record video on a digital SLR. Filmmakers’ productions may be bound for theatrical distribution, the home screen, or the internet.

Beginning freshman year, you'll take classes in photography and film production (bring your own digital SLR camera and light meter), and you'll spend time in the darkroom or at a video editing station. You'll also venture into the television studios for video production classes and trek over to the art studio for lessons in 2-D design or drawing.

The B.F.A. program will test your ability to juggle projects, meet tight deadlines, and manage your creative energies. The goal is to provide you with the skills and background you need to expand and express your creative vision, and develop career skills in multiple visual media.

In this program, you’ll have the opportunity to travel across the country or around the world to get hands-on experience. Our Los Angeles program arranges internships at film studios, production and post-production companies, providing a network of real industry contacts that will help you after graduation. Students in the Photo Italy course travel to Italy for several weeks of hands-on photography in the summer, and other students have studied abroad across the globe.

Recent graduates are working in art and production at companies like Bull Moose Pictures LLC and R/GA advertising agency in New York City.

A professor and students work with a JVC HM700 camera in an advanced cinema production class.
  • Cinema Production I and II
  • History of Photography
  • Hollywood and American Film
  • Advanced Cinema Production (Fiction, Nonfiction, Animation, Experimental)
  • Photo Workshop
Choose From Two Degree Programs

If you are interested in studying cinema and/or photography, you have two choices of degree programs -- the B.S. in cinema and photography, and the B.F.A. in film, photography, and visual arts. The core classes for both programs are the same for freshman year. In consultation with your academic adviser you may easily transfer between the two degrees based on your evolving interests.