Do you have a passion for film or photography?

You'll thrive in our immersive learning environment.

From their very first semester, students begin their work as scholars and makers of the still and moving image, receiving extensive hands-on experience with the tools and techniques of cinema and photography as well as engaging with current media research and critique.  Classes—even intro-level—are  taught by faculty who are internationally recognized scholars, media makers, and artists, and who also have a passion for excellent teaching.

We have two related undergraduate degrees that both start with identical first-year courses, which include film aesthetics and analysis, photography, and cinema production.

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Whether you are interested in telling a story, imparting information, or creating a persuasive statement, our classes provide you with the necessary analytical, critical, artistic, and intellectual skills to be informed and effective image makers. Our goal is to produce graduates who are well prepared for careers in film and photography, and who have a sound command of the larger aesthetic, cultural, social, economic, and ethical dimensions of media.  

Courses include aesthetic and critical analysis, hands-on production and post-production, distribution/curation,  and professional practice such as production planning and budgeting. Teamwork is essential; students start working on their own projects as well as volunteering on other students' shoots from their first week on campus. Students in both the BS and BFA degrees create their own capstone thesis project, so that they can experience the full range of being an executive producer of a film or creating an entire photo exhibition from concept through installation in a public venue.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Project Grants and Funding

Students in the department may apply for substantial grants and awards to help defray some of the costs of producing and exhibiting their films and portfolios. The department also helps to support travel to academic conferences and film festivals so that students can interact with educators and professionals outside the Ithaca College community.


If you have questions about the majors in Cinema and Photography, Film, Photography and Visual Arts, or Writing for Film, Television and Emerging Media, please contact us.

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