The 2018 IZZY AWARD CEREMONY (which occurred in April) is coming to Free Speech TV satellite channel – and will be live-streamed at Initial air dates:

Sun, July 15 9pm ET
Wed, July 18 8pm ET

Sun, July 22 10am ET

Wonderful acceptance speeches were made by the 4 honorees, all path-breaking journalists:

  • DAHR JAMAIL, Truthout reporter on climate change disruption
  • SHARON LERNER, who covers environmental racism and toxins at The Intercept
  • TODD MILLER, author of “Storming the Wall: Climate Change, Migration and Homeland Security”
  • LEE FANG, The Intercept’s investigative reporter on political corruption

The Izzy Award for "outstanding achievement in independent media" is named in memory of legendary journalist I.F. (Izzy) Stone.


The Park Center for Independent Media (PCIM), launched in 2008, is a center for the study of journalism-oriented media outlets that create and distribute content outside traditional corporate systems and news organizations. The Center examines the impact of independent media on journalism, democracy, society, and participatory cultures. The US independent media sector is growing in response to concentration of media ownership, the emergence of conglomerates, and corporate constraints on journalism. In order to address multiple economic, environmental, political, and social crises, it is critical to protect a free, independent, and viable media system outside the corporatized mainstream journalism sectors. The highest principles of the First Amendment of the United States and a democracy based on the free exercise of an informed citizenry are of paramount and urgent importance in the current era.

The Center’s mission is to engage media producers and students in dialogue and action about independent media, especially US-based outlets producing content (across single- or multiple-content platforms) on issues such as equity, social justice, and sustainability.

Jeff Cohen is the founding director of PCIM. Brandy Hawley is our administrative assistant.

Amy Goodman was inducted into the I. F. Stone Hall of Fame in April 2016
Amy Goodman
"All Governments Lie" documentary

PCIM Director Jeff Cohen co-produced this documentary on independent media.
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