Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) majors focus on building brands by designing and delivering unified promotional messages and experiences.




A degree program built on the merging of specific coursework from the Roy H. Park School of Communications and the School of Business. This major teaches students about the newly converging fields of advertising, public relations, sales promotion, and social/interactive marketing. Students learn how these specialized areas are combined into seamless communication programs for companies and their brands.

Coursework highlights: Freshman year, IMC majors work in teams to create basic advertising and public relations executions for the Internet, magazines, TV, and social media to produce a strategic communication plan to promote a real-life company and its brands; Sophomores research different target audiences and generate a public relations media kit and an advertising plansbook for a national client; Juniors learn persuasive theory and techniques, and apply them in designing and creating web sites, pitch letters, news releases, promotional events, and advertisements for both traditional and nontraditional media plans; Seniors explore social media, search engine optimization, sales promotions, experiential, and international marketing, and then choose the capstone course that focuses on their primary area of interest: advertising, graphic design, public relations, or local IMC campaigns.

"At my internship this past summer, I felt like I knew so much more than the other interns. An executive asked us if we understood SEO, and I was the only one who did. My supervisor even commented to me about how well prepared I was for this experience." - Junior, IMC major



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