Faculty and Staff

Faculty members play an important role in the lives of students that extends beyond the teaching of course material. The staff of IC Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) recognizes faculty’s potential to influence student’s attitudes about mental health care. We know the stigma about accessing mental health services cause some students to suffer needlessly. Therefore, we invite you to partner with us to identify students at risk, reach out to them, or report your concerns via ICare Team.

Working in an environment where you will interact with students might lead to occasions in which you become concerned about a student’s mental health or well-being. We want you to know that there are services available to address the needs of students and resources to help those who have concerns about students.

Any student having an urgent mental health need or experiencing a psychological crisis can contact us for immediate help. Our daytime emergency hours are
3:00 pm– 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday for students with urgent concerns. In addition to weekday crisis services, the Counseling Center has a counselor available in the evenings and on weekends to respond to emergencies. Evening and weekend services can be accessed through the Hammond Health Center (607-274-3177), 7 days a week, when the residence halls are open.

Attached is a resource card that identifies some symptoms of distress and ways in which you might be able to assist a student. The resource card is not meant to be exhaustive, but an easily accessible resource to assist you in helping students. Please print this document and keep as a reminder of our services.

If an opportunity arises where we can be of assistance to you (e.g., concern about a student’s welfare or concerns affecting the mental health of the campus community) please feel free to call us to consult, 607-274-3136.