Self-help Resources

Self-help brochures

A number of important topics for students can be found just outside the Center for Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) offices on the ground floor of the Hammond Health Center. During business hours, anyone can stop by to browse through these materials. Some topics include:

• Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs
• Nutrition, Eating Disorders and Body Image
• Safe Sex
• Birth Control
• Sexual Violence
• Relationships
• Mental and Sexual Health
• Depression
• Suicide
• Sleep Facts

Web sites with self-help information

Listed below are links to some of our recommended sites.

(Remember that anyone can post information on the web--always try to verify the accuracy of what you read by consulting other independent and reliable sources.)

(Please report outdated links or recommend new links to:

Mental Help Net- This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in a variety of mental health topics--readable, accurate, and up-to-date material.

National Eating Disorder Association - NEDA offers information about eating disorders, how to get help, and how to support those with eating disorders.

Psychology Matters: Psychology in Daily Life - This site includes information on a variety of useful topics including how psychotherapy and other treatments can help people cope with difficulties and recover from illnesses like depression and anxiety.

The American Psychological Association's Help Center - This site offers information regarding psychology topics and how they affect your health.

Publications from the National Institute of Mental Health - Online texts of booklets with information on mental health, disorders, depression and more.

Information on Learning Disabilities - LD On-line provides information on learning disabilities for parents, educators, students and friends.