Important Information for Students Considering Off-Campus Living Next Year

It's hard to believe that you are soon going to move your student into his or her residence hall/apartment for the coming year, and we are already discussing housing arrangements for the year after! However, very early in the fall, some students begin to look for apartments in the local community. Under the Ithaca College Residence/Off-Campus Policy students are required to live in campus housing their freshman, sophomore, and junior years unless they apply for and receive approval from the Office of Residential Life to move off campus. Unfortunately, some students sign leases before they are approved to move off campus by the Office of Residential Life and end up living on campus while paying for an off-campus lease. Please DO NOT allow your student to sign a lease until he or she has received off-campus approval. You can read the complete Residence/Off-Campus Policy and other important policies and procedures on the residential life website.