Division Goals

  1. Create and implement meaningful inter-and intra-divisional collaborations to enable strategies that will positively impact student success (recruitment and retention).
    1. Continue to work in partnership with Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management and develop collaborative efforts
    2. Successfully launch a comprehensive orientation program August 2019
  1. Provide opportunities to foster interest in working in student affairs by creating programs for emerging leaders at the undergraduate and graduate level
    1. Implement the Emerging Leaders in Student Affairs Program
    2. Create divisional opportunities for graduate students each semester
  1. Develop meaningful engagement opportunities for staff within the division
    1. Increase state and national involvement of student affairs staff
    2. Review/revise the divisional committee structure
  1. Engage in a process to develop a comprehensive diversity, equity and inclusion plan for the division
    1. Evaluate existing programs and practices and ensure they are accessible for all students.
    2. Improve inclusive hiring practices within the division with a focus on recruitment and retention of underrepresented staff.
  1. Create a broad-based divisional and departmental assessment plan
    1. Focus on assessment of student learning and student satisfaction
    2. Include collection of dashboard information for important benchmarks
    3. Include plan for internal and external reviews of departments and programs