Billing and Fees

  • All enrolled and matriculated students are eligible for medical care at the Hammond Health Center, regardless of their health insurance coverage. There are no charges for the office visits or any care provided during the course of your visit, except for immunizations & vaccines. There are no additional charges for lab work done in our on-site laboratory, for prescription medications dispensed from our Medication Room, or for X-Rays done in our on-site Radiology Department.
  • Hammond Health Center will continue to have charges for most immunizations, and for over the counter medications and products that are stocked in our medication room.
  • You may also incur charges for laboratory tests that are sent to an outside laboratory, for prescription medications that are filled by an outside pharmacy, and for lab work or x-rays that are ordered by an outside or home provider. Most insurance will cover these types of charges, and if you bring your insurance card with you to your visit, Hammond Health Center staff will assist you in having these outside providers bill your insurance plan.
  • If students do incur any charges at the Health Center that may be reimbursable by insurance, such as for immunizations, they can elect to have these charges placed on their regular college account (at the Student Financial Services Office), in which case an itemized bill will be provided to the student at the end of their visit for them to submit to their private insurance. Please note: the Health Center and clinicians are not participating providers with any insurance, and does not bill insurance directly. We offer several other payment options for services that bear a charge, including options that will protect the patient's privacy. Payment can be made by check, money order, ID Express, Visa, Master Card or Discover Card.

For additional information regarding the billing process please contact:

Jenna Niedermaier
(607) 274-1334

If you have questions regarding charges from Wegmans Pharmancy, you would want to contact (607) 277-1772.