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Sexual and Reproductive Health Exams - Women and Men

Female Students

Getting regular GYN (gynecological) exams should be part of every woman's healthy practices. A GYN exam often, but not always, involves a lab test called a Pap. The current medical recommendation is that women have their first Pap test at age 21, although a GYN exam can be done at any age. The Pap test screens for cervical cancer and for HPV (human papillomavirus). How often you need GYN exams will depend on your medical history and personal health needs, which can be discussed with your health care provider.

Planned Parenthood’s website contains some very helpful information on what to expect during a GYN exam:


Male Students

Check your genital area (including upper thighs) once a month in order to catch any irregularities such as a hardness or lump, swelling of the scrotum, itching, sores or bumps, discharge, redness, or pain. If you notice any of these, it’s best to make an appointment to be examined by a health care provider. (See below for resources). Remember, identifying medical problems early on can dramatically increase your chances of good health in the future!

For information about testicular exams and cancer, visit the American Cancer Society website at


LGBT Students

Hammond Health Center is committed to providing comprehensive, integrated care for LGBT students and can assist individuals with information, support, and services to meet your needs. In addition, the following CHP webpage contains some excellent links to sites that may be helpful: /sacl/healthpromotion/lgbt/


HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Vaccine

Hammond Health Center can provide the HPV vaccine to IC students. There are 3 injections in the series. There is no charge for the office visit, but there will be a charge for the vaccine itself. The HPV vaccine is now recommended for both women and men. For information about HPV and the vaccine, visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website at:


How Can an IC Student Obtain GYN and Other Exams?

Hammond Health Center provides medical exams at no cost for IC students. An appointment can be made by calling 607-274-3177.

There may be fees for lab tests, including the Pap and all sexually transmitted disease and infection (STD/STI) tests, depending on what health insurance plan you have. There is no charge for HIV testing. To determine what is covered by your health insurance, call the toll-free number that appears on your insurance card. The Customer Service representative will be able to answer your questions related to your particular plan.


Confidentiality concern? If you have the test fee billed to your bursar account, the phrase, ”Health Center Fee" will appear on the bursar bill. Keep in mind that your parents might ask you what the fee is for. They may ask you for an itemized bill to submit to their insurance. Hammond Health Center will not release an itemized bill to your parents without your permission. Paying at the time of service is the only 100% guaranteed way to protect your privacy.



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Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes (PPSFL) in Ithaca provides exams and lab tests either free of charge or on a sliding fee scale. Check with them to find out the cost of the specific services you’re interested in.

For more information:

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