Ithaca College ID Card

Your Ithaca College ID card serves as your identification card, your meal card, to access certain assigned doors, and must be carried with you at all times. Your ID card can also be used for:

  • access to the dining halls and fitness center
  • identification for computer labs, library, and mail
  • admittance to functions and programs on campus
  • identification for purchases on campus and parking permits

Do not use your card as collateral.

The following may make your ID card unusable:

  • placing stickers on the card
  • placing it near a strong magnet
  • putting it through the wash
  • bending, hole punching, or scratching your card in any way

Your ID card is non-transferable. Replacement of your ID, whether lost, stolen or damaged, is your responsibility. If you have any questions concerning your ID card, call the ID Office at 274-3007.