Academic Misconduct

If faculty members feel students have violated the Academic Conduct Code, they are encouraged to consult with the Office of Judicial Affairs and/or their department chair or Dean. Faculty have the opportunity to resolve the matter non-judicially by meeting individually with the student in question to discuss the issue. If the decision is made to pursue the incident judicially, the following steps should be taken:

1.) Download the Academic Misconduct form letter or request a copy from Judicial Affairs.

2.) Identify which section of the Student Conduct Code is being violated and assess the appropriate sanctions. Complete the letter as specified.

3.) Meet with the student to discuss the incident and the sanctions that are being applied to the student.

If the student takes responsibility for the violation and agrees to the sanctions, they can sign the letter, which should then be forwarded to Judicial Affairs. In addition to the sanctions assigned by the faculty member, the student will be placed on academic probation for a minimum of one semester.

If the student refuses to sign because they do not believe they are responsible for the violation or that the sanctions are appropriate, the letter should be returned to Judicial Affairs and the student will begin the academic conduct review board process, coordinated by the Judicial Affairs office. Follow-up will occur individually with the student and faculty member to further explain the process.

For more information on the Academic misconduct process, please see the Student Conduct Code.