Annual Film Series - Spring 2018 Film Screening Schedule

Annual Out of the Closet and Onto the Screen LGBTQ Film Series
Spring 2018 schedule

Rights, Resistance, Resilience:
Exploring themes of marginalization, immigration, the criminal justice system, isolation, prejudice, solidarity, community, equity, and liberation
All screenings take place at 6 pm, check each listing for location

February 7 Free CeCe!
6 pm in Textor 101
Screening in observance of Black History Month

On her way to the store with a group of friends, CeCe McDonald was brutally attacked. While defending her life, a man was killed and CeCe was incarcerated in a men’s prison in Minnesota. Laverne Cox is executive producer of FREE CECE!, committed to exploring the role race, class, and gender played in CeCe’s case. CeCe's powerful story highlights the groundswell of voices questioning the prison industrial complex and calling for its disassembly.

February 22 Regarding Susan Sontag
6 pm in the Handwerker Gallery
With guest discussant Jennifer Spitzer, English Department
An intimate and nuanced investigation into the life of one of the most influential and provocative thinkers of the 20th century. From her early infatuation with books and her first experience in a gay bar; from her marriage in adolescence to her last lover, the film is a fascinating look at a towering cultural critic and writer whose works on photography, war, illness, and terrorism still resonate today. Screened collaboration with Women and Gender Studies Program, and The Handwerker Gallery.

March 6 Check It
6 pm in Textor 101
At first glance, they seem unlikely gang members. Some of the boys wear lipstick and mascara, some stilettos. They carry Louis Vuitton bags, but they also carry knives, brass knuckles and mace. As vulnerable gay and transgender youth, they’ve been shot, stabbed and attacked. Once victims, they’ve now turned the tables, beating people and stabbing enemies. Started in 2009 by a group of bullied 9th graders, today these 14-22 year old gang members all have rap sheets. Now, Check It members are creating their own clothing label, putting on fashion shows and working stints as runway models. But breaking the cycle of poverty and violence is a daunting task. CHECK IT is a documentary about a black gay gang struggling to survive in one of Washington D.C.’s most violent neighborhoods. Life for the Check It can be brutal, but it’s also full of hope and an indomitable resilience.

April 10 Contralto
6 pm in the Handwerker Gallery
Filmmaker Sarah Hennies will introduce her new film "Contralto," a film and sound work that exists in between the spaces of experimental music and documentary. The piece features a cast of transgender women speaking, singing, and performing vocal exercises accompanied by a dense and varied musical score that includes a variety of conventional and "non-musical" approaches to sound-making, using instruments such as paper, bowls of grains, office equipment, etc. The cast of the film includes several former and current students of the Ithaca College Voice and Communication Modification Program for People in the Transgender Community course, offered to aid transgender people in finding a speaking voice that is more suited to their identity. It is not widely known that when a transgender man takes testosterone his vocal cords thicken, causing the pitch of his voice to drop into a so-called “masculine” range. The same, however, is not true for trans women whose voices are unaffected by higher levels of estrogen. “Contralto” - defined in musical terms as “the lowest female singing voice” - uses the sound of trans women’s voices to explore trans identity from the inside and expose a profound and queer relationship between gender and experimental sound studies. Being a woman with a “male voice” creates a variety of difficult situations for trans women including prolonged and intensified dysphoria and higher risk of harassment and violence due to possibly exposing someone as trans unintentionally. This creates a situation where transgender women’s identities are betrayed by their bodies. The film was made possible by Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County, Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant, and New York Foundation for the Arts Shelley Pinz Professional Development Grant.

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