Multicultural Affairs

The Ithaca Achievement Program (iAP)

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The Ithaca Achievement Program is a community of learners dedicated to academic excellence, leadership development, professional advancement, and civic engagement. At program participants, students of color engage in a variety of educational, cultural, social, and community service opportunities to enhance their success as an Achiever at Ithaca College.  

Successful completion of the program within that academic year and maintaining a 3.0-grade point average will deem the Achiever "Active" and "program eligible" for a $1000.00 scholarship to be applied to their financial aid package for the following year.  Additionally, in order to be financially eligible for the IAP scholarship, the student must have filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); and, have unmet need and/or have need-based loan(s) such as a subsidized Stafford loan or Perkins loan in their aid package.  If you are unsure as to whether you would be eligible to receive the IAP scholarship please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 800-429-4275.

*The intent of the Ithaca Achievement Scholarship is to help students reduce need-based loan debt and/or to fill in the gap between other aid offered and the expected family contribution. This program is for students who identify as a person of color as one of their primary identities.* 


***Applications will open on June 5, 2017.***