CHECK IT OUT---> Our NEW--and highly anticipated--website!!

In order to reduce internal and external confusion, the offices of First-Year Experience and New Student Programs have officially merged!

FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE is now one of three operational units within the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs (OSEMA):

        - First-Year Experience
        - Multicultural Affairs
        - Student Leadership and Involvement

As a result of this change, the two websites have been merged together as well.  There is no longer a separate New Student Programs/Orientation website.  This information is now part of one First-Year Experience site.  Please make sure that any links you have from your existing website to the New Student Programs or Orientation sites are updated accordingly.

We invite everyone to take a look at our new website!

As we continue to update and improve the website daily, we would also like to invite you to offer your comments and/or suggestions for further improvement!  Please send them to Joelle Albertsman at

We are excited to finally be offering a more streamlined website, with information of our programs and services for potential and incoming new students and transfer students to Ithaca College, at a much easier glance!

We hope this merge will offer clarification to not only our IC community members, but to anyone externally who may be searching the Ithaca College site for helpful information as they consider institutions for themselves and/or their student!


Originally published in Intercom: CHECK IT OUT---> Our NEW--and highly anticipated--website!!.