SLC Spotlight

SLC Spotlight - Drew Carr

SLC Spotlight - Drew Carr

Major: Music Education & Vocal Performance
Year: Senior

What is your favorite book?
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

What is your favorite color?

If you were a character on a TV show, which one would you be?
Adam from Parenthood

What is one food you could never give up?
Chicken Tenders

What is your hidden talent?
I like to think I am a particularly good baker, especially of bread products. Also, I work at the Wegmans bakery, so I can decorate cakes.

What is one success you are most proud of?
Completing the last year of my degree, which involved student teaching, a tough education pedagogy classes, a very packed schedule, and coming out alive.

If you had unlimited money for one week, how would you spend it?
Give money to schools in need of more resources and/or resources of a higher quality, training teachers more comprehensively and increasing teacher salaries, especially since they so often are expected to spend their own money on classroom supplies.

In five years, what is one life goal you would like to have completed?
I’d like to travel outside of the continental United States and have a job.

Why did you select your major?
I had good experiences in my high school music program I knew I wanted to go into education, but I had to find the right avenue. Adding the performance piece to Music Education, helped me navigate teaching the future performer by navigating teaching myself about the experience of a performer. I don’t believe in teaching about something if you are not actively pursuing the field itself.

What motivated you to apply to become an SLC?
I have been involved in student leadership throughout my time at IC, and I applied so that I could give back and help others find similar leadership opportunities that would help them develop.

What two or three things are most important to you about being an SLC?

1. Clear and concise communication

2. Excellent customer service, which helps others to succeed

3. Having space for creativity to keep it fun

What is one way that you made connections with other students during your first year?
I made connections by learning to be comfortable with who I am, getting to know myself, and stepping out of my comfort zone.

If you could dedicate a full year to working for one social justice cause, what would that cause be?
Education Reform. Divestment in public schools directly effects marginalized communities in an extremely negative way, as it makes education a commodity and not a right. I would like to work on the administrative side of education to help teachers harness their full potential by educating them about resources and providing a space to learn while already on the job.

What is your favorite OSEMA related event you participated in? Why?
Club O as an Orientation Leader. It’s a good way to end an extremely stressful and busy first day of orientation because you have the opportunity to celebrate with students and your team.

How can students get involved in creating an inclusive, respectful, and diverse community at Ithaca College?
Students can step out of their comfort zone by listening to people and gaining knowledge about who is in their new environment. Releasing what you know as truth, and what you believe, is a way to let your wall down. So much of what we call “truth” is fluid and informed by your experiences. The sooner students realize this, the sooner they can listen to others and really develop meaningful connections with those who are not the same as them.