Leadership Positions in OSEMA

Jumpstart Leader

1.  What is Jumpstart?
The Jumpstart Program provides an opportunity for new and transfer students to transition into college and get acquainted with peers before the semester begins. First-Year students may apply to take part in one of four specially designed programs that will help them prepare for the Ithaca College experience.  Each program has a different focus, and selected participants will take part in activities and exercises centered on themes. Information will be available to first-year students during orientation on the First-Year Experience website.

2.  Can I get involved?
Yes! Current students have the opportunity to serve as Jumpstart Leaders in one of the four programs: Community Plunge, Lead-In, ECHO, and the GREEN Tour.  Jumpstart Leaders participate with each program in a leadership capacity and are a valuable source of information and advice as students begin their college experience.

3.  What are the job descriptions for each Jumpstart Program?

Click here for descriptions of each program.

4. How do I apply?

Starting Monday, March 20, students may apply by clicking here.  The deadline for applications is 11:59pm on Monday, April 2nd.

5.  Who do I contact with more information?

For application questions contact Mary Holland-Bavis (607-274-3222)

For program specific questions contact the program coordinator: