Receiving Funds, Gifts and Donations

Student Organizations Receiving Funds and Donations

Student organizations are not permitted to use online campaign sites, such as Venmo, Gofundme, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, etc. to receive funds. All funding must go through an OSEMA account overseen by the Student Organization Business Coordinator and may not use any other professional or personal account. Student organizations found using online sites risk losing their recognition status. For alternative, authorized online fundraising option, please see the Student Organization Resource Book.

When funds have been given to a student organization that are not in return for goods supplied or services rendered, it may be considered a donation. Funds given to cover participation expenses for a specific individual do not qualify as a donation. However, funds given to cover unspecified members of a student organization may be considered as a donation. Please note that all donations received are not eligible to be tax deductible.

The Office of Recreational Sports will notify sport clubs when they have received gifts and the appropriate means of accessing them.

Funds received that are not tax deductible:
Funds that are received and deposited directly into a student organization’s Ithaca College account are not tax deductible and may not be claimed as such by the donor. Funds that are given from within Ithaca College (academic departments, another club/organization, etc.), are NOT considered donations, but rather as IC Funds.

Depositing Raised Funds:
Deposits are to be made at CFCU Community Credit Union located on the 3rd floor of Egbert using a Student Organization Deposit Slip found under the “Files” tab "Financials" subfolder in the Club Hub portal in OrgSync. Check’s must be made payable to “Ithaca College”. Checks made payable to the student organization will not be deposited. Cash and checks should be deposited immediate upon receipt to ensure their safe handling. Checks older than one week may not be honored.

Donations that are tax deductible:
For donations collected to be eligible for tax deduction they must be processed by our Gift Processing staff. Donations may be facilitated in two ways:

  1. Donations may be made directly to Gift Processing and must be done so by credit card using this secure online form, by calling (877) 250-3269, or by mailing an Donor Gift Transmittal Form to Ithaca College-OSEMA Student Organization with your check, payable to Ithaca College, to the following address:

Ithaca College
Gift Processing
953 Danby Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

  1. Student organizations that are anticipating a number of donations being received may opt to have them be sent to the student organization first. In this instance, donors should make their donation check payable to Ithaca College and mail to the following address:

    Ithaca College
    Gift to
    953 Danby Road
    Egbert Hall 311
    Ithaca, NY 14850

    Student organization's president and treasurer will be notified by OSEMA staff via email that a gift was received and available to pick up in OSEMA with photo id. Donations must be deposited within 48 hours of receiving by completing the IC OSEMA Student Organization Collected Gift Transmittal Form. This transmittal form and checks should be hand delivered to Gift Processing in Alumni Hall (address above) within 48 hours of when checks are received. Gift Processing staff will then complete the bottom portion of the form, verifying the amount being dropped off. A copy of this form will be sent back via interoffice mail to the person whose name is entered in the “person transmitting deposit” field for their records. Note, if no one is in Gift Processing when checks are being dropped off there is a lock box located behind office #217 where the transmittal and checks should be placed. It is important that a name and address accompanies the gift (whether on the check or written on form). This information is necessary to set up new donors and/or to ensure the correct donor is being credited if we should happen to have others with the same name in our database.
Depositing Funds into Organization Accounts