Event Planning

Each year, student organizations host hundreds of on and off-campus programs. These programs coordinated by student organizations are not only opportunities for students to shape the Ithaca College experience but can be a tremendous learning experiences for the students who develop them. The importance of planning ahead cannot be overstated!

When developing a program, it is essential that student organizations consider:

  • How does the program help the student organization accomplish its mission?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • How will the program serve Ithaca College students and the Ithaca College community? How will all students relate to the experience?
  • How will the program attract and benefit as many parts of the student body as possible? Who is the target audience? Can this be expanded?
  • How many people will ideally be in attendance?
  • How will the program be funded?
  • Will guests require special arrangements or equipment?
  • Are there other organizations with whom the student organization can collaborate?

*If your event needs AV, Catering, setup or public safety please contact Conference and Event Services.

For assistance with event planning, don't hesitate to contact Mary Holland-Bavis (meholland@ithaca.edu), Associate Director of Student Involvement.

Contracting off-campus guest artists (performers) and novelty items:

Click here to download the OSE Contract Process Infographic.

Click here to download the Standard Contract Agreement.

Click here to download a blank W9 form.

Click here to download the e-mail template to send to artists/agencies/speakers

OSE Contract Process