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OrgSync is an online platform that student organizations can use to maintain their operations, communicate internally, and reach out to prospective new members. The site has many features that make organization management a breeze! Students can access the full list of registered and active student organizations to see which ones they might like to join, and see what events are happening on campus. Students can search for organizations based on categories or interests.

To learn more about student organizations at Ithaca College, please visit OrgSync today!

Student Activities Center

The Student Activities Center, in 311 Egbert Hall, is a general student organization space that serves as a resource center for student organizations.Students are encouraged to stop by the SAC, check out the supplies, use resources, meet new people or get assistance from the Student Leadership Consultants.

Student Organization Storage

OSEMA Recognized student organizations may request space in a storage cabinet in the Campus Center by completing the application on OrgSync.

Leadership Development Opportunities

Leading @ IC

Leading @ IC is a track in the Student Leadership Institute. Unlike the other tracks, Leading @ IC is specifically designed to improve leadership skills within a student organization, so you must be a member of a student organization to attend any of the workshops in this track.

You must preregister on the SLI website to attend any of the sessions.

S.O.S.-Student Organization Specialist

Is your Student Organization in need of help? Send out a S.O.S and let the Student Organization Specialists consult with your organization! The Specialists offer sessions that include Team Building, Transitioning Your Organization, Retaining Members, Recruitment, and Establishing an Identity. You can also request a customized workshop that is catered to your student organization's needs! This FREE service is ran through the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs.

Contact a Specialist to schedule a session for your Student Organization today! For a complete list and descriptions of the workshops offered please click here.

Become A Star: Student Organization Conference

Become a star at the 2017 Student Organization Conference on Saturday September 30th from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. in Emerson Suites. This conference will give student organizations the necessary resources to set them up for a successful year. It will give student leaders the chance to network with other students and participate in workshops and activities.

IC alum Marlowe Padilla will be speaking about how his involvement at IC set him on the A-List to success in the professional world.

Some workshops include “How to Request Funding from SGC,” “25Live Reservations for Student Organizations,” “How 2 Have Successful Events; A Look Behind the Curtain,” “Presido's and Presidon't's for Presidents,” “How to be a Stellar Student Leader with Good Grades and a Kick*** Social Life” and many more.

Dress to impress, we’ll see you at the red carpet! To sign up, please click here. Slots are filling up quickly and this is something you are not going to want to miss.

Club Hub

Club Hub is the student organization newsletter that will be distributed every two weeks electronically to members on the student organization listserv.

The newsletter features student organizations in Organization Spotlight and Kudos, updates student organizations with important information in “What’s up” and “Things to Remember.” Events are listed throughout the newsletter.

To post information in Club Hub email at least one week prior to your event or program

Click subscribe to receive Club Hub the student organization newsletter. Click here to view past issues.

Student Organization Celebration Week
Student Activities Center




Saturday & Sunday

Club Hub
Club Hub

To submit material to Club Hub email!

Student Organization Guidebook

Please review the Student Organization Guidebook

Become A Star Student Organization Conference
Become A Star

September 30 10am-3pm Emerson Suites