PC Council

These are the students who dedicate their time to seek God's dream for the Protestant Community and seek to support the community via administrative tasks, prayer, coordinating events, and planning worship times. The Chair and Committee Chairs will be meeting bi-weekly and the entire Council will be meeting bi-weekly on the days in which the executive council of the chair and committee chairs do not meet. All are welcome to attend.

Student Chairs:

Liz Bierly (ebierly@ithaca.edu)

Zack Ives (zives@ithaca.edu)

Student Leaders:

Liz Henning

Yemi Afolabi

Savanna Scott

Jalen Lisbon

Kayla Shuster

Hannah Thien

Kaitlyn Schneider

Lucas Jackson

Director of Religious and Spiritual Life: Hierald Osorto (hosorto@ithaca.edu)